Dental Clinic

Mines Dental Clinic

The Mines Dental Clinic, located on the second floor of the W. Lloyd Wright Student Wellness Center, emphasizes patient education to prevent disease and provides treatment options when procedures are required. The clinic is staffed part-time by a dentist, hygienist and dental assistant, who understand that oral health is essential to overall health.  Basic dental services such as exams, X-rays, cleanings, fillings, retainers/night guards, consultations and referrals are provided.

The clinic’s reopening letter to student patients can be viewed here. It explains changes that have been put into place to ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Referrals are made to qualified community specialists, as needed, for services such as wisdom teeth extractions, root canals, crowns, bridges, dentures, periodontal evaluations, orthodontics, and TMD or TMJ problems. These services are not available at the Dental Clinic.

Eligibility and Fees

All Mines students who have paid the Health Services fee are eligible for services at the Dental Clinic. Our fees (listed below) are typically less than what a student’s co-pay would be with outside insurance.

Optional dental insurance is worth considering for students who need more extensive dental treatment not provided at the Mines Dental Clinic (i.e., root canals, crowns, complex extractions, etc.).

Find out more about optional dental insurance here:

Dental Clinic Fees

Dental services are provided on a fee-for-services basis. At the time of your service, you will be asked to pay your fees with either cash, check or credit card.

Service Cost
New patient exam (includes basic x-rays) $50.00
Emergency exam $30.00
Prophylaxis/Cleaning $45.00
Four bitewing x-rays $35.00
Oral hygiene Instruction No charge
Periodic exam No charge
Full mouth x-rays $50.00
Peri-apical films $10.00

Fluoride varnish 

Rx fluoride toothpaste



Chlorhexidine rinse $15.00
Limited scaling/root planing $60.00
Perio scaling/root planing $75.00
Perio maintenance $50.00
Sealant per tooth $30.00
Composite filling-1 surface $50.00
Composite filling-2 surface $55.00
Composite filling-3 surface $60.00
Composite filling-4 surface $65.00
Sedative filling/Interim restoration $45.00
Pulpectomy/Pulpotomy $50.00
Extraction (simple) $65.00
Incision/abscess drainage $35.00
Vitality testing $20.00
Nightguard/Retainer/Bleaching tray (1 tray) $175.00
Nightguard/Retainer/Bleaching tray (set) $300.00
Athletic mouth guard/splint $275.00
Adjustments No charge 
No show/late cancellation/payment fee $20.00


Dental Clinic
Dr. Jeanette Courtad, DDS
1770 Elm St., 2nd floor
Golden, CO 80401

By appointment only. 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
8 am-noon and
1:15-4:45 pm

*Hours are reduced and variable, when the student population decreases during the summer and winter breaks.